About Us

Welcome to MOMVEL, the ultimate companion for chic moms on the go. Our brand name, a fusion of "mom" and "travel" perfectly encapsulates our mission to provide functional and stylish diaper bags that cater to the needs of modern, fashion-forward mothers.

Designed with a kind heart and professional manufacturing

Our story began with a passionate mom who envisioned a brand that would redefine the diaper bag industry. Founded in 2022, with a team of dedicated designers and a global vision, Momvel built the US headquarters office for R&D product designing and customer insight, while partnering with standard, modern factories in Hong Kong, Vietnam, India, and China. These factories adhere to rigorous manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality and material sources standards for our diaper bags.

Mommy founded

At Momvel, we celebrate the power of femininity and the incredible strength of women. Our brand is proudly women-founded, rooted in the belief that mothers can shape the world with their love, care, and unwavering resilience. 

Always be responsible with every piece of design

Thoughtful design is at the forefront of our creations. We understand the demands of parenting, and our diaper bags are designed to simplify your daily routines. With spacious compartments, easy-access pockets, and intuitive features, our bags combine convenience with style.

Fashion alongside each diaper bag

We draw inspiration from diverse cultures and global fashion trends, ensuring that our designs resonate with parents worldwide. Our diaper bags reflect your unique personality and elevate your fashion sense, all while prioritizing safety and comfort.

We are honored to be a part of your mother's journey

Momvel is more than just a brand; it's a haven where mothers can find support, inspiration, and a loving community. Choose our high-quality diaper bags crafted with love inside every detail, and let us accompany you on this extraordinary journey called motherhood.

Together, let's celebrate the extraordinary journey of motherhood, where love knows no bounds!