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Lilac Tactical 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

Lilac Tactical 3-in-1 Baby Carrier

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    Nurturing your baby's natural posture


    Experience the art of parenthood with Lilac Tactical 3-in-1. With wide seat design, Lilac Tactical 3-in-1 cradles your baby in the natural posture of a physiological frog, legs gently arranged in the shape of the letter "M." This structure ensures the most natural position, distributing your baby's body weight to the sides for optimal comfort.

    Lilac Tactical 3-in-1 goes beyond a mere baby carrier; it's the joy of carrying your baby effortlessly. It evenly distributes weight around your hips, waist and pelvis, providing optimal support and eliminating spinal, shoulder and neck pain. 

    The Lilac Tactical 3-in-1 redefines convenience with its detachable design, effortlessly shifting between a Hip Seat Carrier, Fetal Carrier, and Front-Facing Carry to cater to every trip's needs.

    • Anti-pull hexagonal mesh fabric ensures optimal breathability, keeping both you and your baby comfortable in any weather
    • Including a protective hood, shielding your baby's head from the sun, wind, and rain
    • Main compartment at the waist belt accommodates necessary items – diapers, phones, food – keeping essentials at your fingertips
    • Two additional pockets offer convenient storage for milk bottles or cleaning towels
    • Adjustable waist stool, harness and backboard can be matched and combined according to your travel needs



    - Dimensions:

    - Main Material: Cotton, Polyester, Mesh

    - Clean with damp cloth.

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    Momvel - The Foundation Of Love And Connection

    At Momvel, we celebrate the incredible strength of motherhood while striving to be a trusted companion for both mom and baby, providing support every step of the way. Our baby carriers are designed to provide ergonomic support for baby's joint development and premium materials that are safe against baby's skin while distributing the baby's weight evenly, reducing strain and promoting comfort to mothers. We believe that when mom feels supported, she can better nurture and care for her baby. With Momvel by your side, embrace the joy, connection, and support that make the journey of motherhood truly extraordinary.