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Sophie Cool Sling Baby Carrier

Sophie Cool Sling Baby Carrier

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    Elevate Comfort, Nurture Well-Being, Embrace Versatility!


    Prioritize the healthy development of your infant with Sophie Cool Sling's scientific hugging position. Our innovative design mirrors the womb's nurturing environment, offering your baby a sense of familiarity and security. This not only relaxes their muscles but also minimizes cries, fostering a comfortable and intimate space, making sleep a serene experience.

    Sophie Cool Sling introduces unique one-sided support, ensuring unparalleled comfort and breathability for your baby. Unlike conventional standing hug designs, this innovation prevents overheating, providing a cool and comfortable experience during every wear. Crafted from 100% cotton, Sophie Cool Sling is friendly to baby's skin, coupled with thick padding, guarantees a fatigue-free and painless experience for parents, even during extended wear.

    • Adjustable sizing ensures it caters to babies at different stages, accommodating various body types for both moms and dads
    • 5 mm thick cotton pads prevents scratches on your baby's legs and your neck
    • Anti-slip technology enhances safety, and thick cotton shoulder pads alleviate pressure on the wearer's shoulders
    • Soft and lightweight baby carrier folds for easy storage and transport, ideal for taking babies or young children out
    • Used as a breastfeeding cover


    - Dimensions:

    - Main Material: Pure Cotton, Air Mesh

    - Clean with damp cloth.

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    Momvel - The Foundation Of Love And Connection

    At Momvel, we celebrate the incredible strength of motherhood while striving to be a trusted companion for both mom and baby, providing support every step of the way. Our baby carriers are designed to provide ergonomic support for baby's joint development and premium materials that are safe against baby's skin while distributing the baby's weight evenly, reducing strain and promoting comfort to mothers. We believe that when mom feels supported, she can better nurture and care for her baby. With Momvel by your side, embrace the joy, connection, and support that make the journey of motherhood truly extraordinary.